Time is running out, and the pulse can fail you when you are on the moving platforms and fall into the fire that will destroy you.
The two possible cameras, one nearer and one complete plane, will help you find the fastest way.
In addition, you will be accompanied at all times by an excellent soundtrack made in N-O-NO Productions.
What are you waiting for!!! You can overcome it

Entrevista con Javi Ortiz (

Interview with Javi Ortiz (


Ha sido un placer y todo un honor para nosotros ser entrevistado (en directo)

por Javi Ortiz de "ElmundodelSpectrum". Hemos tenido una charla muy placentera y divertida

hablando principalmente de nuestro juego DEAD ZONE para Spectrumy para la ZXDev.

Comentamos temas como su desarrollo, caracteristicas, avance y algunas anecdotas.

Además, nos dejaron comentarios muy positivos que nos van ayudar a dar el tiron final.


PODCAST Preview Dead Zone;


It has been a pleasure and an honor for us to be interviewed (live) by Javi Ortiz from

 "ElmundodelSpectrum". We had a very pleasant and fun talk talking mainly about our game DEAD ZONE

 for Spectrum and for the ZXDev. We discuss topics such as its development, characteristics, progress and

 some anecdotes. In addition, they left us very positive comments that will help us to give the final section.


PODCAST Preview Dead Zone;